Core Value

CPN Core Values


Innovative Experience, Trustworthiness, Excellence, Success of Partners


  • Dedicated to experience that is innovative and satisfying
  • Dedicated to trust in all relationships
  • Dedicated to excellence
  • Dedicated to success of our partners


Innovative Experience


“Dedicated to experience that is innovative and satisfying”


Intuitiveness, which lights on creativity, practice or positive innovation, gives birth to the improvement of works and results, in their uniqueness and identity. Those whose ideas and thinking may be unconventional, can be developed and applied for building up good results and satisfaction.


  • Open to others’ opinions
  • Think out of the box and dare to raise new ideas
  • Develop one’s own thinking and competency regularly
  • Possess creativity and creatively plan at work
  • Accept changing circumstances and adapt one’s self
  • Reject other’s but stick to one’s opinion
  • Burden someone with one’s responsibility
  • Peek on other’s actions




“Dedicated to trust in all relationships”


An ability to gain trustworthiness and to be accepted by others through the expression of maturity, reliability, justification, justice, cooperation and responsibility, by aiming for the benefits of the organization and related partners as a whole.


  • Be Honest
  • Adhere to rationale, principle and benefits of the company
  • Be cautious and responsive
  • Keep promises and be true to goals
  • Be on time
  • Be partial or show bias
  • Take fraudulent actions to please supervisor
  • Take customer for granted




“Dedicated to excellence”


Being engrossed in one’s work can lead to the accomplishment of the goal. This can be achieved through attention to detail in all aspects of work with particular reference to quality, professionalism, true knowledge of work being done and continuous self-development. By these means, we can build up our own value and support the organization and achieve all expected directions and strategies set as forth.


  • Have self discipline and pay attention to work quality
  • Able to work as a team
  • Commit and persevere for achievement
  • Be open to new knowledge with continual development
  • Be courageous and challenge obstacles and problems
  • Perform one’s duty with carelessness to quality of work
  • Hesitate and be afraid to make decisions
  • Take advantage of others


Success of Partners


“Dedicated to success of our partners”


To develop good relationships with colleagues both inside and outside the organization through cooperation, help, support, sharing information and working as a team in good faith and with trust. It is the ability to cope with conflicts, solve problems with creativity by always paying respect and honoring others, with the intention of building and maintaining good relationships with all relevant parties.


  • Realize one’s duty
  • Be a good leader and follower
  • Ready to give cooperation and assistance to others
  • Listen to reasons and problems with faithfulness
  • Establish and maintain good relationships with others
  • Be emotional at work
  • Be aggressive, rude, or gossip about others
  • Bother others with unnecessary things.